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Aged & Community Care Victoria (ACCV) is the leading peak body for aged care in Victoria. ACCV exists to promote, encourage and assist the health transformations and health care needs of the aged and community care clients and to support its members in a professional and ethical manner, to provide accurate relevant information, services and advice and to provide leadership in the aged and community care sector and to provide outpatient help in rehab.

Support services for older people | Ministry of Health NZ assist the health and care needs of the aged.

Alternative medicine available for the aged at Naturopathy Clinic – York City Health Clinic

Health & Beauty including Botox

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04 July-18 Learning to maintain healthy sexual relationships in senior years with the use of online ED meds like Viagra

04-July -18 Staying young, healthy and beautiful with the help of cosmetic procedures such as Botox at Wrinkle Fillers & Relaxers | Wrinkle Treatment | Liposuction | Argera Cosmetic & Anti Ageing Clinic Perth

People with dementia and the coronavirus

Protecting people with dementia from the coronavirus will be difficult and there will be a number of challenges around maintaining basic personal hygiene and health security and how to notice the symptoms of COVID-19. Here

Covid-19 as it relates to Botox injections here

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