Consultancy Services Overview

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ACCV recognises the important role it plays in supporting aged care facilities to meet obligations in relation to achieving and exceeding the standards set by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency (ACSAA). In response to increasing requests from members ACCV is pleased to be able to meet these industry needs through partnership with highly experience and reputable consultants.

The Consultancy Service offers a combination of clinical and management skills to meet the needs of aged care providers. These include:
• Internal audit against the 44 expected outcomes of Accreditation

• Continuous improvement planning and implementation processes
• ACFI audits and support
• Systems analysis and risk profiling
• Customised audit tools
• Accreditation preparation and on-site support
• Management systems education and training
• Senior management support <
• Support for HACC providers
• Human Resource assistance
• Review of Policy and Procedures

This expanded and enhanced service available to ACCV members is extremely timely as the next round of accreditation looms in 2009 for many Victorian aged care providers. Facilities are encouraged to utilise this opportunity to undertake internal reviews of current operational systems and continuous improvement programs. Risk areas and other issues identified can then be addressed by implementing appropriate management strategies in preparation for accreditation.

Dom Pisanelli Naturopath

For further information regarding the services available please contact Zoe Hines at ACCV on (03) 9805 9400

  ACCV Consultancy Services Brochure 25-Jul-07